maandag 27 augustus 2012

Monday, August 27

So, this will be my new blog, and now in English...

Since a few months I have my own blog,, but in Dutch, and I noticed that there are a lot of people visiting my website, who don't speak Dutch, so I decided to make a new blog, in English.

First of all, excuse my bad English..

Me learning how to crochet, it all started almost 2 years ago...
One of our foster children was going home to her parents (that is always good news!), and I had a lot of freetime left...
What to do with this?
I know how to knit (and quite good), but wasn't in the least interested in knitting anything, so I started to google in how to crochet.

After a few nice youtube-movies, I decided to start with a closed granny square blanket (yes, I know now, that could take a while).

Here is how far I am now:

When I'm finished, it should be around 1.40 by 2.00 meters... at this point 2/3 is done...

These are my favourite colours, and it is easy to crochet, but it takes a while... especially for a beginner..

Some months ago I decided to put this blanket aside (but not forget it!), and start something else...

This was the result:

I started with the pink one, then the purple, and at last the green one.

And the best part is: this is not the last of it!
In my next blog I show you my other creations!
Have a nice day!

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