vrijdag 22 maart 2013

Friday, March 22

After a very busy period, without any crochet at all, I'm getting motivated more and more!
For our Little Lady I wanted to make a nice dress, and I started, without a pattern.
I used a mixed yarn, 100% cotton, and started with the top:

I have to say that the sewing is not my work, but my Mom's, thank you, Mom!
It took a lot of time and patience to figure out how to create this, and also start over and over again...
Only a top, and I like sets, so I started with a skirt, very easy, just increase the total of stitches in every row.
The result:

The end-result:
I Love It!
The colours, the pattern, it all worked out! 
I am so sorry I don't have any patterns for you, I could try in Dutch, but to explain this in English would be quite difficult for me.
If you would really want to have a pattern, email me, and I try in my best English...
Have a nice weekend!

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