woensdag 24 april 2013

Wednesday, April 24

Hi everybody,
Nice to see that people are also reading my English blog!
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As you can see in my last blog, I was totally into making small dresses for little princesses.
I got a request for a dress with a little sleeve... and I liked the challenge!
At these pictures you can see I was struggling to get a nice sleeve, and a round neck (I put the fabric below to see how it would look like finished).

After a week, and a lot of starting over again, this was the result:

A pretty dress for a very pretty girl!
A detail of the edging:
And a small heart as decoration:

For now, I have decided to stop with the dresses, I want to make something a little bit easier, like a ripple blanket, or a granny stripe blanket.
Oh, and a few pillows maybe, and some potholders, and a poncho for the little lady...
As you can see, in my mind I am already creating new things!
Hope to hear from you!

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